River Song didn’t get it all from yousweetie.

I followed the leader, now I just follow myself.

"If you come out of the doctor’s and they tell you that you have an ailment, never Google it. I believe searching yourself comes under the same bracket. It will only end in tears." Tears? Judging by her feisty TV character, Clarke is surely the last girl we’d see crying. "Playing feisty hard-hitting women gives me a chance to be everything I’m not. No, I’m not fishing for compliments." — Emilia Clarke for Vs. Magazine (2014)

Ive never really done acting before, cause dancing was my first love. And then, I sort of fell into it from a talent competition and never really looked back.” -Maisie Williams

So… all of time and space, everything that ever happened or ever will - where do you want to start?

Clara for Vanessa <333 and because it took me so long, you get two drawings UwU

(Ps sorry about the shirt pattern, I gave up)